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Naomi Rose Dolls
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Be A Doll and Donate

God Bless America

In Remembrance

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My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the victims of the tragic events on September 11. In the passing months, please continue to donate to help the families. Click on the ribbon below-there are links to the Red Cross and other agencies which need donations...

Below are some that I have adopted! Click on the link next to the doll to adopt your own. Do you have Patriotic dolls you'd like displayed here?
Email me!!!

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Amaris' Haven

I got my  Sparkler Girl doll from Mermaiden's  Cartoon Doll Adpotion site!

Adopt your own doll from Mermaiden- CLICK HERE!

I got my 4th of July faerie from DRealm of the Fairies!

CLICK HERE to get your 4th Fairy!

American- and Proud of it!