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Naomi Rose Dolls
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Welcome to my Doll Collection!!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you'll come back often. I'm hooked on these beautiful dolls that people have created so much so that instead of just collecting them and not diplaying them somewhere I've created this website- they're too beautiful not to display!!! Speaking of which, most of the dolls you'll see here are created by very talented dollmakers. As I have invested time, energy and love in showing my collection- so have the creators of these dolls put in time, love and energy to make them. PLEASE VISIT THEIR SITES TO ADOPT A DOLL- DON'T JUST COPY THEM FROM THIS SITE.

Before you ask...

I am a novice when it comes to creating dolls.(Another words, I'm COMPLETELY clueless) But I do know a couple of sites that can show how to create them yourself. Just keep that in mind when you send me email (click on the related links below)...

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Wow!!! My first award!!!!!


Special thanks to DivaLita and Pink Panther who have the fab site Double A Dollies for presenting me with my first website award EVER!!!!

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